Andrea Whitcomb: Mime

Andrea Whitcomb: Mime

Mannequin Mime & Serenading Mime performances are mesmerizing & interactive entertainment.
Described as superlative, Andrea's characterizations are humorous dead-pan creations using precise movements & evocative stillness. The Serenading Mime answers the age old question, "Do mimes sing?"

This is a “roving” performance that entertains on several levels; some people get up-close & personal & join in the act while others enjoy the show from afar.

Perfect for family shows, wedding receptions, college events & just about every other event!

Andrea began her theatrical training in 1978 with Moni Yakim's New York Pantomime Theatre, NYC. She studied

at the University of Rochester's Eastman School of Music and Hochstein School of Music with voice teachers Pamela Kurau and Derrick Smith.

Got an event? Just add mime & watch the fun!


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