~Greta Garbage & Flash In The Pan~

Two fabulous acts with years of experience working with educational groups
having good, clean fun!

They create programs to fit your location & theme
adapting performances to all ages from pre-school to teens,
making sure that even adults enjoy the show.

They will tailor programs to your audience & theme.
Fees are negotiable.

School breaks ~ Holidays ~ Summer fun

Two new shows for 2012

Dream On Puppet Show with Greta Garbage

Audience Participation

Puppets Jasmine & Tessy present
an amusing tale about their neighborhood. Jasmine dreams about a community garden, but the vacant lot is filled with garbage.
Soon the two puppets put their dreams to work. Despite their efforts, litter keeps piling up.  Will the rest of the neighborhood join them in their dream?

Come be a part of the fun & see what happens next!
Also starring Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.
Puppet making workshops available.

Circus Dreams with Flash In The Pan

Juggling, Magic

Audience Participation

Ever dream about joining the circus?
Flash brings the circus to you with his one-man-circus of juggling, magic, unicycling, and much more. 
His interactive performance will get your dreams started as he teaches the beginning steps of juggling and magic
while dazzling you with some circus tricks of his own.

Andrea Whitcomb-May, AKA Greta, and Peter Scahill, AKA Flash, 
have extensive experience with stellar referrals.

Fees are negotiable to fit most budgets.
VERY limited dates for summer 2012
Please call soon.

Environmental Puppet Shows
choose from a variety of themes; Pirates & water quality, Worms & composting, Safaris & endangered species,
Space Flight &landfills, and much more!

Interactive Booth Displays
Greta Garbage has presented 100s of demos at museums, science fairs, farm markets, festivals & much more.

Give her one table or 5 if you want to fill up your space with environmental activities & community information.

She has a few interactive garbage games for children & adults, a traveling-table-top worm compost bin,
and many colorful posters & items that
provide simple information & thought provoking ideas
to keep us all
Thinking outside the recycling box.

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