Chemo Honeymoon:

A Romantic Medical Odyssey

Daniel May
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Daniel May, author of The Only wine Book You’ll Ever Need has enjoyed a particularly broad range of life experiences— college football kicking specialist and coach, indoor rowing competitor, martial artist, wine expert, restaurateur, and truck driver, to name just a few. In 2008 he added a battle with cancer to his resumé.

“In January of 2008 I drove six hundred miles in order to make dinner for Andrea, the object of my fondest high school longings more than thirty-two years before. A week later she asked me to marry her. And then I found out that I had cancer.”

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Chemo Honeymoon:
A Romantic Medical Odyssey

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“Chemo Honeymoon hooks you in the first chapter, ‘Oysters for Andrea’, and sets the passionate tone for this fun book. It's a story for everyone who had cancer, who didn't have cancer, and who knows someone who had cancer...”

“Is there anyone who ISN'T affected in some way by Cancer? And of course, cancer is lived in the context of the day-to-day joys and challenges of life itself. May's story is a wry and oft-riotous ride through the ordinary and the unbelievable, the technical and the obvious, science and faith. Toss in a wedding, a bit of travel, lots of great food and fine wine...sprinkle liberally with some sports trivia, a few fascinating history lessons, and the intrigue of an intense new marriage; it's a recipe for a dish to be savored…”



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