Joy!  Celebrate Upstate Holiday CD Vol. 1

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Passionately conceived by Andrea Whitcomb with love & generosity from these Divine artists, all of whom are for hire. Contact them directly or through

1. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (J.F. Coots / Gillespie; Haven Gillespie Music, ASCAP) Arrangement: Richard DeLaneyRichard DeLaney: Piano Hector Diaz: Electric Bass Freddy Colon: Drums David Antonetti: Congas John Viavattine; Flute

2. The Christmas Star (Paul DeLoria) Paul DeLoria: Sax Greg Gilmore: Keyboards David Pinto: Bass Chris Dembeyiotis: Drums Bob Accurso: Percussion & Bells Tony Castronova: Guitar Ken Sypnier: Guitar  Midi Sequencing & Programming: Greg Gilmore Bass, Drums, & Guitars recorded by Greg Gilmore @ Meadowside Studios, Pittsford NY. Sax recorded by Paul DeLoria @ Mama Llama Studios, East Rochester NY

3. Jingle Bells (Traditional Christmas carol) Arranged & Produced by Paul V. Gaspar Ann Mitchell: Vocals Dave Pinto: Bass  Paul V. Gaspar: Piano & Cornet Bob Livingston: Drums

4. The First Noel (Traditional) Andy Calabrese: Piano, Keyboards & Programming Ellyn Dutko: Flute & Oboe

5. Christmas Caroling  Written & produced by Jay Stetzer Recorded & produced @ All In a Story Productions.

6. Oh Christmas Tree (Traditional) Arrangement: Roger Eckers, Kimberly Westcott: Vocals  Allan Ward: Drums Geoff Smith: Bass Roger Eckers: Alto Sax Mike Van Allen: Keyboards Dedicated to John & Jim.

7. Blue Christmas (Hayes / Johnson: Universal-Polygram Int. Pub. Obo Bibo Music Pub., Inc) Arrangement: Gary Quinn Gary Quinn: Vocals & Bass Dave Spinner: Drums, Percussion Danny Lomenzo: Organ

Dear Andrea, thanks for the opportunity. I’ve been doing Blue Christmas for years but the audio harmony was a first for me and lots of fun. Love, Gary

CD manufactured @ Spinergy Media, East Rochester,NY

8. Joy! (Based on a traditional Christmas hymn) Composed & arranged by Paul V. & Katrina Gaspar, Produced by Paul V. Gaspar Cinnamon Jones, Joo Lomenzo, Katrina Gaspar: Lead Vocals The Noteworthy World Choir: Paul V. Gaspar: director, Sherry Barton, Katrina Gaspar, Robbie Gissendanner, Jason Hayes, Cinnamon Jones, Daphne Keys, LaToya Keys, Joo Lomenzo, Tylif Milton, Ric Robinson, Mark Sheffield, Marina Swift ,Andrea Whitcomb! Dave Wright: Guitar Paul V. Gaspar: Organ & Clavinet Marvin Parker: Bass Darneal Jackson: Drums Tony Padilla: Congas  Paul V. Gaspar & Ron D’Angelo: Trumpets  Matt Stuver: Tenor Sax John Viavattine (solo): Alto Sax Evan Dobbins: Trombone

Celebrate Upstate’s mission; to serve our community by promoting local businesses while focusing on the arts. 877-256-0627 Think Globally. Act Locally.

9. Cool Yule (Steve Allen: Universal Music Corp.) Arraignment: Jon Seiger Jon Seiger: Vocals, Keyboards, & Trumpet Floyd “Herk” Hughes: Trombone Nate Coffey: Bass Kristen Shiner McGuire: Drums

10. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow ( Styne/ Cahn; Chappell & Co. Obo Producers Music Pub. Co., WB Music Copr.)  Arrangment: Vince Ercolamento Phiona Ercolamento: Vocals Vince Ercolamento:Tenor Saxophone Andy Calabrese: Piano, Keyboards & Programming Ryan Kotler: Bass Bobby Blandino: Drums

11. It Came Upon The Midnight Clear (traditional)  Om, Namah Shivaya (Sanskrit Chant, music: Whitcomb & Lomenzo)  Arranged by Danny Lomenzo & Andy Calabrese Andrea Whitcomb: Vocal Marvin Parker: Bass  Andy Calabrese: Keyboards & Programming Danny Lomenzo: Drums & Percussion Robert Pickert: Acoustic & Electric Guitar Paul V. Gaspar: Cornet

Recorded, produced & mixed at Noteworthy Studios with Danny Lomenzo unless otherwise noted.
Mastered by Jeff Gilhart

12. Up on The House Top (Traditional) Arrangement by Joe Santora Emily Kirchoff: Vocals Joe Santora: Piano & Bass

13. I Saw Three Ships / We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Traditioanl) Arrangemed & peformed by Mitzie Collins: Hammered Dulcimer, Metalophones, Glockenspiels

14. I Wonder As I Wander (Appalachian folk carol) Arrangement : Jeff Tyzik Produced by Pamela Kurau Pamela Kurau: Vocal W. Peter Kurau: Horn Peter Kodzas: Guitar Kathleen Murphy Kemp: Cello Recorded Sept. 7 in Kilbourn Hall, Eastman School of Music,John Truebger: Recording engineer

15. Some Children See Him  (Hutson/ Burt: TRO-Hollis Music, Inc. BMI) Arranged & performed by Thomas Warfield

16. Silent Night (Traditional) Arrangement: James Richmond Horn Arrangements: Vince Ercolamento Ronnie Leigh: Lead Vocals James Richmond: Tenor Sax & Backing Vocals David Cohen: Drums Ralph Ortiz: Bass David Wright: Guitar Vince Ercolamento: Tenor Sax Bill Tiberio: Baritone Sax  Ron D’Angelo & Derrick Lipp: Trumpet Andy Calabrese: Organ Spiritus Christie Gospel Choir directed by Paul Butte

17. Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee (traditional) Arrangement: Danny Lomenzo & Andy Calabrese, Orchestration; Danny Lomenzo  Derrick Smith: Vocal Andy Calabrese: Keyboards Robert Pickert: Acoustic Guitar

18. The Om Song (Traditional Sanskrit chant) The chanting of Aum (Om) attunes us to the life sustaining grace of the Divine Beloved. Steve Gadd: Drums The Assisi Institute: Vocals  Divinely mixed by Mike Thomas

Christmas Blessing

 May we experience God's loving, joyous presence this Christmas, so that Christ can be born in our hearts, again and again. 

Joy! Celebrate Upstate Holiday vol. 1

Executive producer Andrea Whitcomb

Dedicated to Love, The Divine Mother, & my very own Marion Michelson & Lee Dubickas

Thank you: Spinergy Media, Craig Zicari, Brad Salai, Jodi Reynolds, Harter Secrest & Emery LLP, Shannon Hookway & The Shea Gallery, Barnes & Noble Bookstores, Carol Gadd, Sally Cohen, Paula Dennie, George Godfrey, Rebecca Camileo, Flash In the Pan, John Rubenstien, Richerd DeLaney, Pamela Kurau, Derrick Smith, Nancie Kennedy, Debrose, all the artists, Criag-ji, Vickie-ji, Amy-ji, & Peter Scahill: My Love. Joo & Danny, you are smokin’. Thanks for inviting me into your world. Life is a grand adventure. J

Steve Gad performs from the heart of The Divine playing the silence between the beats. He uses at least 7 different rhythms at once; two with his hands, two more with his feet, another swaying with his head, occasional gum chewing, & always with the beat of his heart.
Steve, you are Love itself.

Namaste, Andrea
I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was
service. I acted and behold, service was joy. ~Rabindranath Tagore

Cover photo Wonder of Christmas by Sam Campanaro

Back page art: Winter’s Peace by Paula Dennie

CD art Trees Debra J. Vanderstyne

Mixed at Noteworthy Studios by the phenomenal Michael Thomas & Matt Overlan.

Additional mixing Jeff Gilhart.

Thanks to Noteworthy Studios, I was fortunate to work with some of Rochester’s finest talent. What a great going away present. Thank you, Sarah for putting up with my long hours away from home. ~ Michael Thomas 585-802-0184

Produced by A. Whitcomb & Danny Lomenzo

www, 585-924-2110

Thank you: God- for giving me the best of everything.
My family-in the end, nothing else matters but you guys.

Andrea-talk about ambition!! Nobody could have more than you! It's amazing to think we actually got this done in time. Thanks so much for your dedication, enormous love, loyalty & most of all, your friendship. Remember, I'm the one who said "Vol. 1"!
Special thanks to The Engineering team at Noteworthy:  Mike "Mr. T"  Thomas, Matt  "Overload" Overlan & Matt "Tik Tok" Klock.
Heaps of gratitude to all of the musicians who gave generously of  their time & talent.
Marvin Parker & Andrew Calabrese- major hugs for going above & beyond the call of duty. I love you guys!!
Steve & Carol Gadd-I must be dreaming!

Andrea, Joo & I are so appreciative of your contribution & support of this project. Happy Holidays to all, Danny.

Sponsored in part by; Flash In The Pan,

Noteworthy Entertainment, Andy Calabrese Productions

Spinergy Media, And Much More Entertainment.

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